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The Bugs of Bernheim: Barklice

While walking through the woods this fall, you might encounter a cluster of insects with black and yellow stripped abdomen on smooth bark trees. This is Cerastipsocus venosus, or barklice, which will form clusters on smooth bark trees such as maples and beeches. They are beneficial insects and are considered recyclers of the forests. They […]

The Bugs of Bernheim: Caterpillar Hunter

Fall is a great time to go hunting for insects in the woods. You might also find another hunter, the Caterpillar Hunter (Calosoma scrutator). The Caterpillar Hunter is a beautiful green beetle that can be found in open areas near forests. They are normally nocturnal, but are attracted to light, and can be seen scuttling […]

So Long, Summer: Isaac’s Café Specials September 19-23

I don’t know about you but to me, summer went way too fast!  This week, on September 22nd, we celebrate the autumnal equinox.  The word equinox is sometimes used to mean a day in which the duration of light and darkness are equal.  I see it as the day we say goodbye to summer and […]

What a Day! Give Local Louisville a Big Success for Bernheim

Bernheim was honored to participate in this year’s Give Local Louisville, the biggest day of online giving for the Louisville Community. The money raised for the 600 participating non-profit organizations is eligible for prize money from the Community Foundation of Louisville, the host of the online event. Bernheim is ecstatic to have raised $65,209 throughout […]

Get Buggy at Bernheim’s Annual BugFest and Fall Plant Sale!

Bernheim will be abuzz this Saturday, Sept. 17 at our annual BugFest and Fall Plant Sale. Join in on the fun from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. as we celebrate insects and their relatives while also showcasing a variety of plants for purchase. BugFest welcomes families to meet multi-legged creatures, go on insect safaris and […]

The Bugs of Bernheim: Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly

After returning from a Bernheim discovery field trip at the Kentucky Science Center one day, a Volunteer Naturalist directed me to a near Aristolochia tomentosa (scientific name), also known as Dutchman’s Pipevine, behind the Education Center. There were dozens of pipevine caterpillars crawling around the pipevine and munching on the big bright green leaves. As […]

Leaving a Legacy: Isaac’s Café Specials September 12-16

Merriam-Webster Dictionary for Students defines legacy as: something (as memories or knowledge) that comes from the past or a person from the past. This Saturday while harvesting in the Edible Garden for Isaac’s Café, I had a wonderful encounter with a grandfather and his grandson.  I noticed how the grandfather was carefully explaining what they […]

The Bugs of Bernheim: Cicada Killers

Cicada Killers: who’s listening? On hot summer days, the air is filled with the sound of cicadas.  The male’s mating call is a loud series of beats and clicks strung together to make one long, continuous undulating song.  While preoccupied with finding love, the cicada has inadvertently captured the attention of another female insect who […]