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The Bugs of Bernheim: Mosquitos – A Closer Look

Weighing in at a mere 2.5 – 10 mg and living less than two months, it’s hard to imagine the mosquito as the deadliest animal on earth. However, causing around 725,000 deaths a year, it is just that. More than 3,500 species of mosquito have been discovered, showing a wide range of feeding habits. Nectar collectors […]

Mark your calendar – Give Local Louisville is September 15

Give Local Louisville is back and better than ever. Sponsored by the Community Foundation of Louisville, Give Local Louisville is the biggest day of local giving. The 24 hour event was created to inspire people to give generously to the nonprofits that make our community a better, more vital place to live. In 2015, $3 million […]

Tomatoes, At the Heart of Summer Eating: Isaac’s Café Specials, August 15-19

When I think of August, I think of tomatoes. Gardens are heavy with a tangle of fruit laden vines of possibilities. I can’t think of a more versatile summer crop. Add peppers, onions, cilantro, and lime, and you have an instant fiesta. Perhaps add some fresh basil and balsamic vinegar to make the perfect bruschetta. […]

The Bugs of Bernheim: Bugs are Worthy of our Attention

Years ago, under the direction of my four year old niece Casie, I spent 45 minutes watching a fuzzy white caterpillar munching leaves.  We watched in amazement as leaf after leaf disappeared beneath the appetite of this tiny herbivore. With her dedication to the task, Casie reminded me that bug watching deserves time and attention. In my years as a […]

Bernheim has CONNECTed with RUX

Over the years, the annual CONNECT event has earned a special place in the hearts of the community as “that funky night around Lake Nevin where all kinds of weird stuff happens.”  This is the 8th year of the festival if you count that one year we had to shut things down mid stream because […]

Purple Martin Colonies at Bernheim: They’re Just Like Us

About a month ago, I joined Bernheim’s Volunteer Naturalists for a training on the purple martin colonies at Bernheim. It was led by Larry Melcher, the president of the Purple Martin Conservation Association, and the man who brought these wonderful birds to Bernheim. The training included details on how to identify the birds by sight […]

CONNECT at Bernheim is Almost Here

A few colored leaves are popping through the green trees, school buses are making their rounds up and down Highway 245, and tomatoes are growing in our Edible Garden, which means one thing – August has arrived, which means it’s almost time for Bernheim’s annual collision of art, science, nature, and music – CONNECT at […]

Olympics Fever at Isaac’s Café: Specials August 8-12

I always find the summer Olympics exciting. Possibly because both of my children participated and competed in sports that are at the center of the Summer Games: swimming and gymnastics.  I have wonderful memories of cheering them both on from the sidelines with such pride.  In watching these athletes, I recognize that they all possess […]