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Last Chance to Help Name Bernheim’s Bear! Polls Close at Midnight.

Have you heard? Two trail cameras caught images of a black bear on September 29, 2016. We are thrilled to be home to this magnificent animal – it’s a sign that Bernheim’s stewardship efforts throughout our 87 year history have established a healthy forest that creates a viable habitat for bears. Bears largely disappeared from […]

Nature is Chicken Soup for the Soul: Isaac’s Café Specials, October 10-14

Jack Canfield, the founder and former CEO of Chicken Soup for the Soul was on to something when he launched a series of books to help folks cope with life’s ups and downs.  The classic chicken soup was a staple in most households when it came to making us feel better, whether it was a […]

Have you ever spotted a Witches’ Broom?

Witches’  Broom is a term commonly used for any tight cluster of abnormal branching or twiggy growth within a tree or shrub.  Caused by factors including fungus, bacteria, or insect damage, they may appear in evergreen and deciduous trees alike.  These odd growths have become popular among plant enthusiasts, who propagate them through a process called grafting to create new […]

Fall is Monarch Season

Fall is a great time to see the Monarch Butterfly. As monarchs are currently on their long migration south to Mexico, thousands will be passing through Kentucky. Bernheim has joined a long list of other people who have been tagging Monarch to learn more about the butterfly’s migration. Many of the monarch seen here at Bernheim emerged from […]

Fall Wildflower Sighting – Ladies-tresses Orchids

Fall is a great time to come out to see fall wildflowers at Bernheim! Bernheim Forest has 12 different species of goldenrod, which is our state flower, as well as several different species of aster. Bernheim is also home to seven different species of Ladies-tresses orchids (Spiranthes spp.). Spiranthes are small white orchids that bloom […]

Black Bear Caught on Camera at Bernheim. Help Us Name Him!

Look who’s back! Our friend, the black bear, is still wandering the area, and this time we have gotten pictures from within Bernheim from 2 locations. He looks healthy, and the scar on his nose will allow us to identify him, telling us if this is the same bear that has been seen in other […]

For the Love of October: Isaac’s Café Specials October 3-7

I can’t remember ever hearing anyone say that they did not like October.  What’s not to love?  It’s all of our favorite things packed into one glorious month.  For some, it’s the fall foliage painting the hillsides, the crisp air that signals sweater weather, warm mugs of hot cider or cocoa, or the anticipation of […]

Nature’s Notebook: The Life of a Dragonfly

I Dwell underwater for most of my life Ravenously eating nearly all thats in sight. Aquatic invertebrates are my favorite dish, but if Given a chance I might eat a small fish. I Outgrow my skin, molt many times and… Next crawl out of the water to try life on dry land. Flight is my […]