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Nature’s Notebook: Keeping Your Cool in the Summer Heat

With the hot days of summer here, most of us search for ways to keep cool.  The shade of a beautiful tree, an air-conditioned building, a cool drink, perhaps a bowl of ice cream – all offer some relief.  Early pioneers in the area had fewer choices.  Those lucky enough to live on land that […]

The Loss of Ash Trees

With the official start of summer, Bernheim Forest and the rest of the state are mourning the loss of the ash trees to emerald ash borer. Many of you may have already noticed many dead and dying ash trees in the arboretum that have been and will be removed. Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilus planipennis) is […]

Take a Hike – Summer Style

Summer is here! It’s a great time to get outside and experience the sights, sounds, and smells of summer. The lush green tones of the trees illuminate the forest, the bullfrogs croak, the Bobwhite quail whistle, and the odor of the many flower species growing at Bernheim waft through the air. With over 40 miles of […]

Volunteers are a Gift: Isaac’s Café Specials, June 19-23

Our volunteers are the true, unsung heroes of the magic that is Bernheim!  They work closely with our dedicated staff to keep Isaac Bernheim’s legacy a shining beacon in our community. I witness this every day at the Visitor Center, Isaac’s Café and the Edible Garden.  They are washing dishes, greeting our visitors, giving trail information, […]

Enjoy a Bite at Isaac’s

 Get a taste of one of Kentucky’s fresh and local cafés.  What pairs better with a hike in the woods than a delicious and fresh meal or light snack?  Isaac’s Café features fresh salads, soups, sandwiches, children’s meals, and delicious desserts.  Not only do local farmers provide fresh eggs, cheese, and meats for our cafe, we also […]

The Buzz this Weekend at Bernheim

What are your weekend plans? What about joining in on the buzz at Bernheim? This Saturday, June 17 is all about Pollinator Awareness. Take part in our one of our Pollinator Awareness Walks. In honor of National Pollinators Week (June 19 – 25) Bernheim Volunteer Naturalists will lead two special walks in the Edible Garden […]

Making Memories One Bite at a Time: Isaac’s Café Specials, June 12-16

Biting into a ripe peach this week, I was reminded of one of my earliest childhood memories, which combined both my love of delicious food and the great outdoors.   I was maybe five or six years old, standing in the middle of a peach orchard in Bedford, Indiana with a ripe peach in each hand, alternating […]

The Sage: Wisdom from the Edible Garden: Asking for Help

Last week’s cooler weather was a gift uniquely appreciated in the Edible Garden. As we creep closer to summer, priority lists grow faster than the weeds. The bird songs that so inspired me in late winter and the appreciation of the first flowers blooming have sadly been replaced by the immediacy of any number of […]