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Book a Field Trip to Bernheim

Is your child’s teacher looking for a great place to take her unspecifiedclass on a school field trip this spring?  How about Bernheim?

Bernheim’s natured based educators have programs available for groups of all ages. Whether young explorers venture through the forest on a nature hike or search for aquatic wildlife at Wilson Creek, Bernheim educators encourage them to discover the stories, systems, and wonder of nature through direct experience. 

At Bernheim, we believe experiencing nature is essential to a child’s growth and education. Studies repeatedly show that children who actively engage in self-directed play outdoors are not only happier, but perform better academically. That’s why our nature based educators have worked hard over our many years of experience crafting engaging programming for all school groups –  from pre-school to high school.

Our hope is that students not only learn about nature while they are with us, but are encouraged to develop a lifestyle of connecting with nature.

Go here to find out more about Bernheim school field trip opportunities.