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Harper Bernheim Is Back!

We were thrilled, but not surprised, to find that Harper Bernheim, the Golden Eagle is back in his winter habitat in Bernheim Forest for the third consecutive year. Motion detecting cameras were able to photograph Harper and identify him by his leg band. It was early 2015 when we tagged Harper and tracked his migration […]

Bernheim Staff To Lead Kentucky Chapter of American Chestnut Foundation

Rick Caldwell, a longtime Bernheim staff member, was recently elected as the President of the Kentucky Chapter of The American Chestnut Foundation (ACF). The mission of the ACF is to restore the American chestnut to our eastern forests in order to benefit our environment, our wildlife, and our society. Rick’s leadership reinforces Bernheim’s desire to […]

Bernheim Adds a New Plant Species, the Horned Bladderwort

Horned bladderwort (Utricularia gibba), a carnivorous aquatic plant, has been documented for the first time in Bernheim Forest. Growing on the Cedar Pond, just below the bridge, this tiny yellow flower is in full bloom on the surface of the water. This species is our first carnivorous plant to be found at Bernheim. The bladderworts have […]

Bats of Bernheim

This article originally appeared in the fall 2016 issue of our quarterly newsletter, the forest echo. The silhouette of bats flying against the twilight sky has made impressions on humans for millennia. The history and habits of these flying mammals are steeped in myth and superstition, conjuring a range of feelings from fear to awe. […]

Black Bear Caught on Camera at Bernheim. Help Us Name Him!

Look who’s back! Our friend, the black bear, is still wandering the area, and this time we have gotten pictures from within Bernheim from 2 locations. He looks healthy, and the scar on his nose will allow us to identify him, telling us if this is the same bear that has been seen in other […]

Black Bear Spotted at Bernheim Forest

A black bear was spotted in Bernheim Forest last Sunday (July 17) in the Cypress Tupelo Swamp area of Lake Nevin, sitting in Guerilla Creek. We believe it may have been fishing in a section of the creek that had several largemouth bass swimming in a shallow pool. The bear has not been seen since […]

Vanishing Acts: Fraser Fir

The Fraser Fir, Abies fraseri, has been in existence for over 12,000 years (called a glacial relict, because its existence dates back to the last glacial age), that is now found only in the highest regions of the southern Appalachians. As the climate warmed since the end of the last glaciation, fraser firs have been pushed […]

Vanishing Acts: Kentucky Trees of Concern: Oak Tree

Isaac Bernheim emigrated to the United States in 1867 at the same time that John Muir was beginning his thousand mile walk to the Gulf of Mexico. As Muir walked through the area that would later become Bernheim Forest, he remarked on the oaks that he encountered, “I have seen oaks of many species in many […]