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Bernheim Will Now Protect 954 More Acres

The big level provides habitat for species like the Big Brown Bat

At a special ceremony last month, we announced the purchase of a 954-acre tract of land known as the Big Level, bringing our total acreage to 15,625.  The acquisition is the largest since our founder, Isaac Wolfe Bernheim’s original 12,500-acre purchase in 1928. It allows Bernheim to protect even more critical wildlife habitat and continue I.W. … [Read more]

The Sage: Healthy Living Wisdom from the Edible Garden

A healthy mind, body, and heart is vital in keeping our bodies healthy so that we may grow. A balanced amount of exercise and sleep enables us to generate and sustain energy. While constantly striving to grow and learn is vital to well-being, equally important is our ability to rest, to embrace the ‘art’ of relaxation, and to allow our minds to be … [Read more]

Bernheim Hosts Field Trip for Project Learning Tree Conference

The PLT conference attendees learn about green roofs at Bernheim's Visitor Center

This week, Bernheim was thrilled to host a field trip day for the Project Learning Tree International Coordinators’ Conference. Project Learning Tree (PLT) is an organization who works with educators, parents, and community leaders to use the environment to engage children in learning- both outside and indoors. Learning in the environment is … [Read more]

It’s Pawpaw Blooming Time

Pawpaw Blooming 4-25-17

Asimina triloba, or Pawpaw, are blooming here at Bernheim Forest. Pawpaw is a small shrub that grows in the understory of mesic forest and small woodland openings. It can grow between 10 to 20 feet, or sometimes as high as 30 feet. It blooms in spring from April to May, and will produce fruit in the fall. The fruit is edible, but it is very hard … [Read more]

Gearing up for Supper Club, Isaac’s Café Specials, April 17 – 21


As you may know, I have a passion for sharing my love of food and Berheim.  The fact that I get to combine those two on a regular basis makes me doubly blessed.  An Evening At Isaac’s Spring Garden Supper Club is just such an occasion.  This Friday evening, April 21st, you will have the opportunity to experience the best of both worlds with me.  … [Read more]

The Sage, Wisdom from the Edible Garden, April 14, 2017


Change is the foundation for growth, making it a frequent topic in life and this blog. Change is more visible during spring than any other time of the year, except fall. Out of the grey and barren landscape that we have known for months, springs an array of colorful flowers and scents erupt. The songs of frogs and returning birds fill all natural … [Read more]

Spring Cravings: Isaac’s Café Specials, April 10-14

4-10-17 Mac and Cheese

For some strange reason, spring always makes me think of macaroni and cheese.  My mother made perhaps the best home-made macaroni and Cheese on the planet, but I could be just a bit biased.  This ooey gooey casserole dish of comfort often adorned our spring table as I was growing up.  Many times, it was the focal point of our meal as we would have … [Read more]