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Double the Impact of Your Gift to Bernheim

What a year 2016 turned out to be for Bernheim! In 2016, we had the highest attendance on record with over 250,000 guests visiting the forest and in April, over 1400 people helped us to break the world record for the most people hugging trees at the same time in the same place; Bernheim grew by 333 acres in 2016, going from 14,340 to 14,673 by … [Read more]

A Taste of the Forest: Isaac’s Café Specials, January 23-27

1-23-17 Special Soup Sandwich

I recently heard an NPR TED talk regarding our five senses (you may have heard it as well). Nicole Garneau, argued that there are more than the five categories of taste we were taught in school, (bitter, sweet, sour, salty and my personal favorite, umami).  Her research brought her to the conclusion that fat should be included as a category.  As … [Read more]

Natures Notebook: The Leaf That Refuses to Fall

A marcescent oak

This time of year I like to take a leisurely hike through the woods whenever the weather permits.  I find the forest to be uniquely beautiful and peaceful.  The pace of many of the animals has slowed, the wildflowers have stopped producing their bouquets, and the leaves have fallen from the trees. Except, some haven't.  They are still hanging on. … [Read more]

Become a Bernheim Volunteer Naturalist

Bernheim’s dedicated Volunteer Naturalists help people of all ages understand and connect with the natural world in a way that fosters deep emotional and intellectual connections. This tight-knit community of volunteers offers the chance to not just share knowledge with Bernheim visitors, but also to learn from each other and Bernheim’s expert … [Read more]

Exploring Bernheim: Isaac’s Café Specials, January 17-20

It was wonderful seeing the faces of happy, excited children at the Visitor Center yesterday as families and friends enjoyed a day off from school and work to celebrate Martin Luther King Day. Spending time outdoors reconnecting with what really matters, is one of the many good ways to commemorate a man that forged such positive societal … [Read more]

This Isaac’s Café Recipe Will Satisfy Your Winter Cravings


In the winter issue of our quarterly newsletter, the forest echo, we shared some of the exciting things we are doing at Isaac's Café, located inside our Visitor Center. Most of the produce used in the Café is harvested from our Edible Garden, located just 500 steps from the Café (talk about local!). Every day, our staff at Isaac’s Café puts … [Read more]

Mornings are Nice: Isaac’s Café Specials, January 9-13


I hope that the New Year finds each of you well and getting back into your routine.  Some years, that can be harder than others.  That is where I find myself this year, moving forward into 2017 with both anticipation and trepidation as we traverse into this not so perfect world with our need to have everything in order and making sense. One of … [Read more]