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Bernheim invites you and the kids to an INSECT SAFARI in Bernheim’s big backyard! Dance the Buggy Boogie, taste the tempting Cricket Crunch, count the Pickled Ticks plus a whole host of other horrible delights. Complete schedule of events and more info on the BugFest page.

Insect Safari

Saturday, September 6 2:00 – 3:30 P.M. Tiny creatures often contain big surprises! September is a great time for noticing the myriad chitinous creatures crawling, buzzing and flitting about. Join us as we investigate the secret lives of insects and their relatives. Dress for an outdoor adventure. Non-Members $5 environmemtal impact fee per car at gate.

Pollywog Play Parties: Cancelled

Pollywog Play Parties: Behaving like Bugs and Bees has been cancelled for this month. But don’t worry! We invite you to come out and join in the festivities at BugFest on Saturday, September 20. This is a FREE EVENT. You can do the Insect Boogie, go on an insect safari, dress like a bug, join […]

ECO Kids Discovery Day: Damsels and Dragons

Observe and identify real life damsels and dragons – damselflies and dragonflies, that is – through today’s On Your Own Challenge. Kids and their families will have fun searching for these amazing insects and then exploring hands-on Discovery Stations during the afternoon. On Your Own Challenge, available in the Visitor Center from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 […]