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Monarch of the Skies

Monarch butterflies are more than lovely wings in the wind, they seem to carry our hopes and dreams and perhaps even our love of nature in their determined annual relay across the continent. Join Corinne to learn more about their life cycle, their journey, their needs, and factors that threaten their numbers; and ways that you help monarchs […]

Life in the Prairie

Bernheim’s Big Prairie is more than an unmowed field, it is a rich biological community and a haven for wildlife. Join Corinne for an investigation of some of the plants and animals that are a part of this diverse ecosystem. The first Wednesday of each month March through December, Bernheim offers a variety of hikes, actives and […]

Our Green Heritage

Wednesday, July 2 Plants are a living legacy to the way we treat the land, and the values we hold. They reflect the histories of people, travels, and travails. They reveal the changing landscape of our own lives. Plants are steeped in tradition, uses, and stories worth learning and passing on. The first Wednesday of […]