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2nd Grade Programs

Exploring the Bernheim Ecosystem
The Bernheim ecosystem includes many different plants, animals, and places. Students will explore three habitats – forest, pond, and prairie – and consider the organisms unique to each one. Key concepts include organism function, relationships between organisms and their habitats, and organism survival and adaptation.

Life and Land of Rock Run Creek
Rock Run Creek has flowed through Bernheim for centuries, creating a landscape filled with geologic history and ecologic connections. Students will follow a trail along the forested creek banks and explore the bed at dry locations. Key concepts include changes to the earth’s surface and interdependency within ecosystems.

Weaving Art and Science through Nature
Experience Earth Measure, our newest large scale sculpture that merges art and science through concepts of geometric design! Students will explore the sights and sounds of the piece, consider ecological connections between the work and its site, and then use a variety of natural materials to build their own interpretation of the Bernheim landscape.

Field Trip Planning
To learn more about planning a Bernheim field trip, including how to schedule a visit, please see the Teacher Resources section of our website.