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CONNECT at Bernheim

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CONNECT12_night creatures
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SATURDAY, AUGUST 27; 6:18 — 10:18 P.M.


Now in its seventh year, CONNECT at Bernheim again will challenge minds and delight the senses. The night includes live musical performances, a light sculpture competition, and hands-on experiences for adults and families, including making art, drum circle participation, hacker creations and participatory science.

Artists will set up around Lake Nevin with funky, fun and spontaneous art displays and demonstrations for the third year. This year’s art demonstrations include participants in CONNECTglow, a sculpture challenge in which participants create light sculptures without the use of a generator or AC power. This  juried process will award the the top entrant  $1,000 and $500 for the second prize. More about the creative fun to come as the time gets closer.

As always, CONNECT at Bernheim never fails to deliver great music, food, drink and entertainment to delight.