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Adult Programs

Adult programs at Bernheim are especially taylored to satisfy the needs and interest of adult visitors. If you  love learning about the natural world, love spending time outdoors, and  enjoy meeting others who share your interest, check out our adult program offerings.

The First Wednesday of each month from March through December, Bernheim offers a variety of hikes, activities, and programs designed for older, Wiser and  livelier Seniors.

Bernheim Volunteer Naturalist
Bernheim’s Volunteer Naturalist program is a volunteer effort to help individuals recover nature experiences in their own lives while learning effective ways to share the knowlwedge, wonder and love that such experiences provides. Become a Volunteer Naturalist today!

Certified Interpretive Guide
Bernheim and the National Association for Interpretation, NAI, offer a professional certification program to recognize individuals who exhibit knowledge and skills necessary to assure quality interpretive programs to all audiences. This 32 hour training is intense but rewarding and will be lead by Bernheim’s Certified Interpretive Trainer, Wren Smith.