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Tales from the Bent Twig Trail: Mysteries of the White Moth


It's not what we know that ultimately matters, but what we hunger to understand. Whatever fuels our curiosity lights our path, perhaps like moonbeams, or moth wings.  Could it be that our personal evolution is sparked more by moments of wonder and the journey that such "wonder-lust" leads us on, than by moments of clarity? I'm  not trying to sound … [Read more]

It’s Derby Week! Isaac’s Café Specials: May 2-6, 2016

Dorfman shade hat

Hold on to your hats, it's Derby week! Ever wonder how wearing an outrageous hat became a thing at the Derby? As it turns out, it all started when horse racing wanted to give the track a much needed  face-lift, so to speak.  The track was typically a place where "proper" women would not be found.  By adding the opportunity for women to make a … [Read more]

Vanishing Acts: Kentucky Trees of Concern: Oak Tree

Oak Tree at Bernheim

Isaac Bernheim emigrated to the United States in 1867 at the same time that John Muir was beginning his thousand mile walk to the Gulf of Mexico. As Muir walked through the area that would later become Bernheim Forest, he remarked on the oaks that he encountered, "I have seen oaks of many species in many kinds of exposure and soil, but those of … [Read more]

Bernheim Hosts Sustainable SITES Initiative Workshop

The natural light in the Bernheim Visitor Center – Sassafras Room provided the perfect location to discuss landscapes that value nature.

On Thursday, April 28, the United States Green Building Council hosted the first regional workshop in the nation to introduce the Sustainable SITES Initiative. Fifty-eight design professionals including landscape architects, architects, engineers, ecologists and site planners gathered in the Bernheim Visitor Center to explore a sustainability … [Read more]

Vanishing Acts: Wollemi Pine

The Wollemi Pine

The Wollemi pine (Wollemia nobilis) was considered extinct until it was discovered in a remote gorge of Australia’s Wollemi National Park in 1994. Considered by many as the most important botanical find of the century, the tree’s history dates back 200 million years when its family was widespread across the supercontinent of Gondwana. Surveys … [Read more]

Life and Death on the Bent Twig Trail


Typically when we think of Spring, we think of new life . . . after all, the woods, fields, creeks and our own backyards are bustling and buzzing with the sights and sounds of this annual stirring. This is certainly true on the Bent Twig trail where I heard the shy ovenbirds loudly chant their love songs from low thickets, in hopes of starting a … [Read more]