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Isaac’s Cafe

new stuff … [Read more]

Creating An Atlas Of The World Depicted Through Food – PSFK

Food: An Atlas seeks to map food in order to create a greater awareness of where it comes from and how it relates to our lives. The growing collection of over 60 maps has been cooperatively-created by a guerrilla cartography community of more than 100 people around the world Creating An Atlas Of The World Depicted Through Food - PSFK. … [Read more]

Sunrise over Lake Nevin

Bernheim Arb Fall - 009

Recent scene of a beautiful fall morning at Bernheim. See other views of Lake Nevin. … [Read more]

Edible Garden – Pond and Wetland Construction

Diagram copy

  The initial earthwork for the Edible Garden pond and wetland is nearing completion.  We are aiming for an on-site ecological water system that collects, stores, uses, cleans and returns to the environment 100% of the gardens' water needs.  In shorthand that is "net zero water".  Since water is such a precious resource it only makes sense … [Read more]

Fall Play – Children’s Play Garden

Ruby at the Children's Play Garden

Fall is a great time of year to get outside and play.  As the weather gets cooler the fall colors start popping and you don't have as many insects to deal with. Here's a great article on the value of outdoor play by David Elkind, a professor of child development at Tufts University. … [Read more]

Edible Garden Design – Arbor sketch

Edible Garden - Arbor sketch

To meet the standards of the Living Building Challenge the materials used in the Edible Garden have to be carefully selected.  If we use wood it has to come from a locally harvested source where the harvest is part of an ecological enhancement effort or from FSC certified forestry practices.  But steel is also an option.  Especially since steel has … [Read more]