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Pecan 12-6-12


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Front Gate Restoration

Acer palmatum 'Sango-kaku'

Horticulture staff  is busy cleaning up the front gate and getting ready for some new plantings . Check out the two new Coral Bark Japanese Maple 'Sango-kaku' as you leave through the front gate, awesome color!                   … [Read more]

Bernheim Beech Collection – Nine days difference

EuroBeeches pano 10-16-12

Top: 10-16-12   Bottom: 10-25-12 What a difference nine days can make. I can't wait to follow this beech collection near the entrance intersection over the course of the coming year.  Bernheim in early morning light is magnificent. … [Read more]

Isaac’s Cafe

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Creating An Atlas Of The World Depicted Through Food – PSFK

Food: An Atlas seeks to map food in order to create a greater awareness of where it comes from and how it relates to our lives. The growing collection of over 60 maps has been cooperatively-created by a guerrilla cartography community of more than 100 people around the world Creating An Atlas Of The World Depicted Through Food - PSFK. … [Read more]

Sunrise over Lake Nevin

Bernheim Arb Fall - 009

Recent scene of a beautiful fall morning at Bernheim. See other views of Lake Nevin. … [Read more]