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Spirits Arising at Bernheim’s Bloomfest!

Building Faerie Houses is fun!

Every year Bernheim offers opportunities for visitors to welcome the return of the spirited woodland wee folks. Bloomfest is a day of fun, fastasy and flowers, for the young and the young at heart.  Create habitats for the imagination by building  your own minature  masterpiece. Leave it here, for the wee folks to find. The 1:30 costume … [Read more]

More Wildflower Secrets and Surprises Hike Cancelled.

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What’s in Bloom

Many plants are in bloom in the Arboretum and woodlands of Bernheim. Some of the collections that are reaching their peak are the dogwoods, crabapples, viburnums and lilacs, just to name a few. Come out, bring your camera and enjoy the color and beauty of the season no matter what you find. … [Read more]

New species of butterfly for Bernheim Forest

Photograph by D. Daniel Boone, Maryland DNR

The Olympia marble (Euchloe olympia) was discovered by Kelly Vowels in the Wilson Creek valley. This butterfly is rare in Kentucky, and emerges in April to feed on plants  in the mustard family. This little gem is another addition to our ongoing investigation into Bernheim's biodiversity. … [Read more]

Earth Measure Update

4-15-13 075

Sculptor Matt Weir, working with a crane crew, staff and others, has most of the largest stone pieces in place now for his monumental Earth Measure. At least all of the stones that required a crane are set in place. Now Matt will begin carving on the pieces working toward his final vision for the piece. Once it's finished it will inspire new ways … [Read more]

Get Involved: Help Remove Invasive Species

Garlic Mustard

This flowering plant may look pretty, but it's actually Garlic Mustard, which is harmful to the forest's ecosystem. You can make a difference and help protect our native wildlife by volunteering with the natural areas team. Come out to Bernheim on Wednesday, April 17th from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. to learn about the growing problem of invasive … [Read more]