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Edible Garden Wetland: 1-14-13

1-11-13 EG Wetland

According to our KY Mesonet weather station we have had 3.55 inches of rain over the past five days.  This wetland filtering system is a part of our Edible Garden water system.  We want the water leaving the Edible Garden project to be as clean or cleaner than the water that feeds the project.  Regenerative Design projects look to repair our … [Read more]

Cistern for Edible Garden arrives

Water from the Research Center roof will supply this new 2000 gallon underground cistern.  The water will be used in the raised beds for the Edible Garden Project.  One of the challenges of this Living Building Challenge project is to capture, store, use, clean and return to the environment 100% of the water needs of the project.  An additional … [Read more]

Matt Weir explains his sculpture to staff


Matt Weir explains a new sculpture in honor of Barry Bingham that will be created at Bernheim in 2013. … [Read more]

Louisville botanical garden takes root with property lease – Louisville – Business First

Louisville botanical garden takes root with property lease - Louisville - Business First. … [Read more]

Garden Sheds in Place

Donated learning sheds in Edible Garden

These sheds, soon to be used for education in the new Edible Garden, were donated by LG&E where they were once used as smoking huts. Stay tuned for how these get landscaped as part of the garden effort this coming spring. Donated building materials such as these sheds reduce the overall environmental footprint of the project.  Waste not … [Read more]

Nature Apps for Educators

Suggested Apps from National Environmental Education Week

National Environmental Education Week provided this list of "top rated apps" suggested for educators that teach in the outdoors.  I haven't checked any of them out but I plan on downloading the Nature Notebook app today because of my interest in phenology.  I'll report back with my own opinion once I've had a chance to check it out.  It's free … [Read more]