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Tales from the Bent Twig Trail: Stories that Restore


"To restore any place, we must begin to re-story it, to make it the lesson of our legends, festivals, and seasonal rites. Story is the way we encode deep-seated values within our culture" Gary Paul Nabhan. In last week's post, I delighted in some of the spring wildflowers that are blooming on the Bent Twig trail, many of these would not be present … [Read more]

Earth Day Every Day: Isaac’s Café Specials April 18-22, 2016

4-18-16 Special

This week marks a very special milestone for the environmental movement.  April 22 is, as many of you know, Earth Day.  Senator Gaylord Nelson, the founder of Earth Day, knew the importance of protecting and preserving our environment for future generations.  The grassroots movement that he began as a teach-in, became a groundswell of activism that … [Read more]

Vanishing Acts: Chinese Magnolia

Chinese Magnolia

The Chinese Magnolia, Magnolia officinalis, is a large tree found in broad-leaved forests in central China. Although it is widely distributed throughout China, the population of Magnolia officinalis occurring in the wild has been greatly diminished and is limited to a number of protected areas. Medicines extracted from the bark of this tree have … [Read more]

Vanishing Acts: Kentucky Trees of Concern – Black Walnut

black walnut. leavesjpg

I owe my love for collecting wild edibles in part to my family's tradition for riding down country roads in autumn  looking for the tale-tell pockmarked stains of black walnut on the payment. We’d park on the side of the road, hop out of the car, carrying buckets and wearing gloves, since the outer hulls will badly stain hands.  We’d gather the … [Read more]

Winds of Change: Isaac’s Café Specials, April 11-15, 2016

Chef Salad Special 4-11-16

As I was listening to the wind howl outside my window last night, it made me think about the phrase, “Winds of Change”. Change can sometimes be scary. The fear of the unknown, the uncertainty of what might be blowing our way can often have us hiding from the very thing that will take us to new understanding of not only ourselves but of our … [Read more]

Tales from the Bent Twig Trail: The Flora Rewards of Restoration

IMG_5707 (1)

Restorations of natural areas provides many rewards. Invasive species, such as winter creeper, Euonymus fortunei, and various species of exotic honeysuckle Lonicera sp. take their toll on the health and natural diversity of a landscape by crowding out native species: species that have complex ecological relationships that evolved over eons. But … [Read more]