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Membership–How your gift makes a difference


Your Bernheim Membership makes a difference by …

  • Planting __ new trees at Bernheim…your children and grandchildren will play under these trees for years to come
  • Protecting  ___ trees, which could become endangered
  • Over 4,000 children experiencing nature at Bernheim through field trips—learning about tree types,  water and why it is important, and having fun outdoors
  • Providing a free opportunity on ECO-Kids Saturdays for more than 2,500 youngsters to learn about animal paw prints, frogs, wildlife habitat, tree species and much more
  • Removing invasive species in the arboretum, and the research forest, allowing plants native to this area to thrive in a healthy habitat.
  • Maintaining 40 miles of hiking trails to provide recreation, and beauty of nature for people of all ages
  • Research in the forest, including:  water quality studies, golden eagle migration, and quail reintroductions
  • Extending the Hike Bike Trail (starts across Hwy 245, at Jim Beam Distillery)