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Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest is an Equal Opportunity Employer. If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources at 502.955.8512.

Receptionist at Bernheim
Department: Education

The receptionist will provide information and services that benefit our visitors by greeting them and answering/directing phone calls. As the first point of contact, this position is critical in establishing a friendly and professional image to our visitors at all times. This position must have strong customer service skills. The primary job function is to create a welcoming experience for visitors and callers and to provide them with accurate information. This includes resources on trails, hours of operation, education classes, and other Bernheim information. Training will provide knowledge of Bernheim facilities, trails, programs, and services. This position requires an individual that can respond to unforeseen questions and situations in an appropriate, professional manner and can assist in the communication between visitors and other staff members. This position requires an upbeat and outgoing person that can prioritize tasks simultaneously while maintaining a friendly, organized work environment.

In addition to greeting visitors, this position will provide clerical and creative support for the Education Director and the Education Department. The first priority will be to assist visitors, and the second priority will be to assist the Education Director. Examples of clerical and creative support include tasks in data management, preparation of program materials, and development of Education Center exhibits.

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Natural Areas Internship
Department: Natural Areas

Interns will work in Bernheim Forest natural areas assisting Bernheim staff with restoration and management. Duties include, but are not limited to, assisting in wildlife restoration and monitoring projects, invasive exotic species removal projects, water quality research projects, maintenance and monitoring of restoration projects, threatened and endangered species monitoring and management, GPS/GIS mapping, and collecting native plant seeds. Field trips, workshops, and seminars are offered when available. Interns will work to develop and complete a project during their internship, one of benefit to Bernheim and relevant to the intern’s area of interest.

There are two internship positions available. This is a twelve weeks (not to exceed 480 hours), full time position. The Natural Areas Intern will report directly to the Forest Manager. The working hours are typically 7:45 a.m. to 4:15 p.m., five days per week. Workdays may include Saturday and/or Sunday, and the working hours are subject to change in response to project needs. This internship includes working some long days and outdoors, in inclement weather or in remote settings. Ticks, chiggers, biting insects, and poison ivy will be encountered on a regular basis.

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Horticulture Internship
Department: Horticulture

Bernheim is the Official Arboretum of Kentucky and one of the largest protected natural areas in the state. The Arboretum contains a diverse collection of woody plants that includes some 6,000 accessioned trees and shrubs displayed in a landscape setting on some 600 acres. Signature collections include important generic collections (Ilex, Cornus, Viburnum, Acer, Quercus, Magnolia, and Malus), conifers, and native habitat display areas (prairie, glade, savanna, and cypress-tupelo swamp). The 12,000 – acre research forest is managed for the protection of native species and natural communities. Bernheim is located approximately 20 miles south of Louisville.

Responsibilities include assisting Bernheim staff and volunteers with collections and grounds maintenance, nursery and greenhouse production, and educational program development. Duties include, but are not limited to planting, weeding, string trimming, pruning, mulching, watering, propagating plants, assisting in invasive exotic species removal, and participating in plant evaluations and other research projects. Field trips and seminars are offered. Interns are encouraged to complete a project during their internship, one of benefit to Bernheim and related to the intern’s area of interest. Projects will depend on program needs and season.

There are three positions available. This is a twelve week, full time position. The Horticulture Intern will report directly to the Horticulturist.

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