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Science and Research

At Bernheim Forest we continue to seek the input and research of scientists in applying ecology to our management and investigating the status of our biodiversity. These researchers come from many areas, including federal, state, university, non-profit, students, and citizen scientists. By utilizing a diverse group of research­ers from a spectrum of disciplines, we are facilitating the development of knowledge across a spectrum and fostering partnerships.

Bernheim Forest has a traditon of research dating back to the 1930 with the first reintroductions of white-tailed deer. Much of our early efforts centered around observational data, and these practices continue today in a fine balance between observation, interpretation, management, and monitoring. In May, 1951, Mr. Frank Bunce, Manager of Bernheim Forest, suggested to the Kentucky Society of Natural History that it as­sume the responsibility of making a natural history survey of the Forest. The survey proposed by Mr. Bunce offered unlimited possibilities for field work in many phases of nature study and provided a challenge to the organization to contribute to the knowledge of the natural history of central Kentucky. This began a long history of actively seeking researchers to assist in understanding our ecosystem and applying our findings in management.