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Bernheim Volunteer Naturalists Orientation

Join Bernheim’s dynamic core of Volunteer Naturalists! Writer and naturalist Robert Michael Pyle suggests that the depletion of encounters with other species amounts to “an extinction of experience,” one that not only threatens neighborhood species, but also human perception of the natural world. As a Bernheim Volunteer Naturalist you will help others discover (or rediscover) […]

Lithic Art Show & Rock Swap

Visitors can learn about some of the ingenious ways that early peoples used the “gifts of nature” in their daily lives and observe the fascinating skills involved in the ancient art of flint knapping.

Smart Gardens and Landscapes: Composting

Composting is the natural process by which plant material decomposes. Providing your garden soil with a supply of compost adds organic matter and encourages the growth of beneficial microbial life in the soil which is beneficial to your plants. In this workshop we will give a “quick and dirty” overview of the science of composting […]

Horticulture Staff

Wren Smith, Interpretive Programs Manager

Volunteer Orientation

Volunteers can give a few hours or several hundred hours, providing support to Bernheim and our visitors. While working throughout the 14,600 acres of forest or the 600 acre arboretum, you can participate in a variety of activities, while having fun in the great outdoors. Take the first step in becoming a Bernheim volunteer by […]

Amy Landon, Volunteer Coordinator

ECO Kids Discovery Days: Bird’s the Word

While some birds migrate, some call Kentucky home year-round. Kids and their families will have fun identifying these feathered residents through the challenge, and then exploring hands-on Discovery Stations during the afternoon. Hands-on Discovery Stations, featuring a variety of ecological wonders presented by our Volunteer Naturalists, at the Visitor Center between 1:00 and 4:00 p.m. […]