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What’s in Bloom

Many plants are in bloom in the Arboretum and woodlands of Bernheim. Some of the collections that are reaching their peak are the dogwoods, crabapples, viburnums and lilacs, just to name a few. Come out, bring your camera and enjoy the color and beauty of the season no matter what you find.

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Bernheim Trail TBD

Birding without Binoculars

You don’t need binoculars to begin birding. Learn to recognize common backyard birds by their behavior, call notes, songs, and other clues. Discover why our feathered neighbors are well worth knowing.  

Froggy Night Adventure

O Frog, O Toad – you make beautiful music! Join Volunteer Naturalist Joe Cichan (a.k.a. The Frogman of Bernheim) for an awesome evening of amphibian fun. Joe’s quiet enthusiasm for all things amphibian is matched by his extensive knowledge. Dress for the weather and wear appropriate shoes.

Joe Cichan, Volunteer Naturalist

Education Center Parking Lot

Tai Chi Chaun at Bernheim

Improve your mind, body and spirit through Tai Chi at Bernheim. This 10-week series for beginner and intermediate students will take place Thursday evenings, April 25 through June 27. Weather permitting, all sessions will include time outdoors in nature. Registration and payment are due prior to the first attended class. Students can join this series any […]