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Become a Wintertime Tree Detective!

Winter is a great time to explore and identify trees at Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest. Without leaves, deciduous trees can be tough to identify. However, with a little detective work one can identify trees by bark, seed pods, shape, leftover fruit, twigs, or bud arrangements. Using field guides, taking photos, and researching the internet […]

Not your average Leyland Cypress

Tired of the typical Leyland Cypress? Then try Cupressus leylandii ‘Gold’. This beautiful gold tip Leyland Cypress is located near the front gate in our Crabapple Collection. Leyland Cypress ‘Gold’ is a perfect conifer for a border and an excellent specimen in any yard.

Front Gate Restoration

Horticulture staff  is busy cleaning up the front gate and getting ready for some new plantings . Check out the two new Coral Bark Japanese Maple ‘Sango-kaku’ as you leave through the front gate, awesome color!