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Winter Hibernation Is Around the Corner


Though the trees are still glowing with fall color, the signs of winter are just around the corner. In a few weeks, we will "fall back" to earlier sunsets and starry skies at Bernheim. With this change will come a change in our hours, including at the Visitor Center and Isaac's Café. Beginning on November 1, the Visitor Center will be open … [Read more]

Nature’s Notebook: Salt vs. The Forest


Salt has been of immense importance throughout the history of civilization. This was certainly true in this area and the history of salt production is an essential part of the story of Bernheim Forest. The importance of salt to the early settlers lay primarily in its use in food preservation. With no source of refrigeration in those years, salt … [Read more]

Time for Color FEAST at Isaac’s Café: Specials, October 17-21


I  hope you were able to come out to Bernheim for ColorFest this past weekend.  Lots of family fun, food and fall festivities with something for everyone.  We were greeted each morning with beautiful weather and sent on our way each evening with a glorious harvest moon. Well, ColorFest may be over but at Isaac's Cafe this week, Color Feast is … [Read more]

Fall’s Overlooked Flower: The Blue Curl


An easily overlooked flower, Blue Curls (Trichostema dichotomum) occur in glades and other rocky, exposed areas. It is not found in very many locations here at Bernheim, so it is a nice surprise when it is found. It is easily identified by the long, arching  stamens that hang down from the top of the flower.  It is an annual that is found in the … [Read more]

And The Black Bear’s Name Is . . . .

BERNIE! Thanks to all who voted! With 56% of the vote, our Black Bear will now be called Bernie. We welcome Bernie to the Bernheim community and look forward to more sightings.   If you're hiking at Bernheim, and you're lucky enough to spot him, feel free to try and take a photo, but please do not approach him. He is not likely to try … [Read more]

Explore Bernheim Minecraft Worlds at Nov 5 ECO Kids


Do your kids or grandkids enjoy playing Minecraft on their electronic devices?  If so, our ECO Kids Discovery Day on Saturday, Nov 5 is perfect for them.  Kids are encouraged to bring their devices and be the first to see and explore nine new Minecraft worlds set at Bernheim. Bernheim Artists-in-Residence, Adam Clarke, his wife, Victoria and … [Read more]